Organisation Diagnostic

This tool provides a more rigorous assessment referenced against all Criterion of the EFQM Model and provides a score on the RADAR elements. Using this tool, organisations can generate a more detailed understanding of their performance.

Organisation Diagnostic

Quick and simple to use to get your first diagnostic against the EFQM Model or any topic such as Circular Economy, the UN SDGs, Net Zero, Innovation, Change Management, …

From “nothing in place” through to “best-in-class” rate how well your organisation is doing on a series of statements divided into Direction, Execution and Results.

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Your diagnostic on the EFQM Model

Experience of using the organisation diagnostic tool has shown that more value will be gained if it is completed at the same time by a team of work colleagues rather than by any one individual.

Responding to the statements in this way will help an organisation:

  • To compare and contrast individual perceptions within the team
  • To get a first stake in the ground of its current strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • To start to create a strategic approach and roadmap for the integration and embedding of the EFQM Model into its operations

The feedback provides an overall score for Direction, Execution & Results as well as the specific scoring for each question.  This allows you to quickly identify your strong points and opportunities for improvement.  The weighted score corresponds to the overall weighting of the EFQM Model score, with a maximum total score of 100 points.

Completing the questionnaire does not require a deep knowledge and experience on the EFQM Model or any other topic. It is also your opportunity to invite colleagues from a specific department, management level, … to take part in the assessment and provide their view.

What the outcome can tell

The chart below gives an overview of all scores by Direction, Execution and Results, and by question based on the EFQM Model. Overall, organisation have a clearly defined purpose. They struggle to evaluate and improve the overall experience for its key stakeholders.

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Vinciane Beauduin

Vinciane Beauduin